“Just when you think you have it figured out, someone asks the unforeseen, surprising and mind-boggling question… and we begin a new journey.”

What would you say is at the core of ViaTalenta Group?
Caring for our legacy and being responsible for the people and environment around us. My grandmother was adamant that no family or child should go hungry. All elements of the land were used, reused and recycled. In her kitchen, old food became jams, livestock feed or fertilizer. Nothing useful was ever wasted. Her philosophy is part of all our projects and form the base for our investments in food security, waste management and sustainable products.

Your Board is very global and diverse…
To run any successful endeavour one needs a combination of talents, point of views and insights. Our Board is diverse both in background and capabilities and it is a pleasure for me to work with people who share our beliefs but challenge our thinking every day.

Your children are actively involved in your Family Council. What does that bring?
Growing up we were always very involved in the discussions about the family’s engagements. It is therefore natural for our children to participate, particularly because ViaTalenta will be theirs. They have strong views on the way we manage ViaTalenta and provide insights and perspective that enrich our understanding of what we do.

ViaTalenta means the ‘road of talent”. How is that translated in your everyday work?
I was lucky to be born in a family with an “impact mindset”. This passion for impact and sense of duty translates daily to our engagements from Board level to volunteers. Our portfolios are designed to orchestrate the interdependencies between our projects and to engage talented peers, fellow investors, creators, innovators and the world around us.

How do you measure success for ViaTalenta Group?
Beyond the given impact and financial success, I look at the human aspect the most. If we can make a positive contribution to people around us every day, then we have been successful. Our quantitative and qualitative metrics and dashboards reflect this and go beyond what most would consider impact metrics in the strictest sense of the word.

What would be your advice to someone coming into Impact Investment for the first time?
Be clear on what you want to achieve and who you want with you on your journey to get there. Impact Investment has made a lot of progress, but is still nascent and lacks many of the tools and frameworks used in traditional investment management. Being clear on the longevity of your investment theses and its milestones can improve your experience of being an Impact Investor and what it requires of you.