“Demand for digital content is a unique opportunity to not only entertain but educate audiences.”

In a world where technical skills are becoming more relevant, why is creativity important?

We are realizing our finite resources are limited and our interdependence on them greater than we want to admit. Creativity for me focusses around storytelling. Story has many universal truths that help us relate, have empathy and project into other people’s lives. Storytelling spans generations. It is clear that there is a need for stories to be representative and reflective of the world today.

I have always been a creator and see everyone as creative because creativity is not about being able to paint or making a sculpture. It is about being able to create something new, to connect with people and this happens in science, technology, education, art, business, all areas of life.

What do you believe is the role of companies in addressing sustainability and climate change?

Storytelling is a powerful tool and way to engage consumers and companies in our current and future challenges. It addresses the demands of the conscious consumer as well as the need for transparency and accountability. In 1998, my passion for art and storytelling led me to create Moving Brands, a company with a new approach to corporate storytelling that not only told stories but stories that could thrive cross-platform and cross-culture. Over the years, we have supported many brands to be purpose-led and more relevant to people and broader markets.

What are the means to educate people on the sustainability mindset?
COVID-19 has created unprecedented demand for digital content such as short-form, gaming, film and TV animation. This is a unique opportunity to not only entertain but educate audiences.

Building a sustainable mindset will, in my view, have to happen predominantly through storytelling until people are actually experiencing (the irrefutable) direct effects of, for example, climate change. We need stark, emotional storytelling to ensure there is a broader understanding of the challenges we face – together. To feel that interdependence we need to build empathy for different perspectives. It is powerful storytelling that will help build a sustainable – and ‘connected’ – mindset around change.

What would say is unique about ViaTalenta’s work around the world?

I am extremely fortunate to be part of a wider family that actively supports people in the art, creative and design worlds to tell their stories and exchange perspectives and experiences. What I find distinct about ViaTalenta is that it has a “Creatives-First” and “Artist-First” mindset in all its work.

For almost 20 years, we have shared many journeys together. We have worked with creatives, artists, anthropologist, writers, designers and directors from all over the world to contribute to impactful stories and we will continue to work this way for many years to come.