“I see our investment strategy as humanitarian, innovative, effective and scalable.”

How is working at ViaTalenta different from working at other investment groups?
We are active investors with a genuine hands-on portfolio management approach and a long-term investment horizon. This allows us to become what we call “humanitarian investors”; investors that look for purpose-oriented opportunities where economic and social development go hand-in-hand with financial returns.

How does ViaTalenta invest differently to other investors?
Our investment theses and horizons are unique. They focus on combining and prioritising measurable long-term social, environment and humanitarian returns with risk-adjusted financial returns. We drive results by adapting business models throughout the evolution cycle and invest from seed capital to fully operational assets to maximise operational efficiency and impact.

Describe ViaTalenta’s investment strategy in a few words.
Humanitarian, innovative, effective and scalable.

Why have you chosen food security, sustainable products and bioprocessing as ViaTalenta’s investment themes for the next five years?
We have chosen these three themes as our investment themes because they are the ones that best align with our values and priorities. They allow us to provide workable solutions to essential human needs (e.g., water, food, energy, education, shelter, work).

What is the most interesting investment theme for you? Why?
Personally, I consider food security as one of the most relevant and impactful investment areas in our current portfolio. As the world’s population increases and the resources become scarce, the availability and accessibility of food will be the cause of many conflicts and human crises.

What is for you the best thing about working at ViaTalenta ?
The substantial amount of learning opportunities and the working autonomy in a highly driven environment.