“We shall continue to foster great ideas to combat the climate crisis and to develop a sustainable life for our generation and the ones to come”

“By stopping the destruction of our habitats, we can provide a better life for both humans and animals”

What is ViaTalenta to you?
Giulio: ViaTalenta is not so much about trying to save the world. It makes things that are new and does different things to bring opportunities to people who have none.

Giovanni: It is a company that helps the world to be a better place and teaches people how to use things differently. It especially helps people who do not have a lot.

What is the best part of being in ViaTalenta?
Giulio: Coming home, sharing different ideas and listening to the new ones. I am amazed by them. It is like a journal at the end of the day. The best part is that we take people who are good at something and other people who are good at something else and bring them together to create new and exciting solutions.

Giovanni: I like ViaTalenta Foundation because it helps people and the world. The best part for me is the recycling of fish hides. It means that we do not just kill animals to eat and create waste, but that we find new ways to use what is left.

What are your favourite projects?
Giulio: The Turtle is my favourite project. Not only because the building looks like a turtle- an animal that needs protection, but also because in “the Turtle” there are other “turtles”. So you have something that is big with other big things inside that work to make the world better. In the Turtle you see real things working together – business, food, bags, technology and research. It feels as if you are in a live museum where you can go in, see how things work and what the world could look like.

Giovanni: I like the Foundation projects the best. My favourite project so far was the aquaponic system because you can see the fish swim really fast. I like because they are kind and they do not hurt anyone. My second favourite project is Collections, especially the fish leather bags. I like working with the designers and creating new products. It is a bit of a game, like a puzzle, but with colours, fish leather and lots of imagination.

What would you do if you were in charge of the world?
Giulio: We have to make a difference and fast. I would start with the wealthy because they have a responsibility to do better. They have the most opportunities to make an impact. They should therefore focus on creating opportunities for others and engage to do things that improve the life of others. We need to keep a space in our minds for other people. Helping people is about thinking of others and not only yourself.

Giovanni: Stop pollution, because it is not good for your health; and save the world from all the people who do whatever they want. If we do not save the world, we will die as well.